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A podcast with Henrik Rummel, medal winner in about EVERYTHING! JRs , u-23 , Worlds and Olympics.  Patriots Fan

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An interview with former elite rower Bob Bennett and his new program preparing elite athletes for the business world , Groundswell Athletics

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Championship Weekend for the Men, RI Podcast.  

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RI Podcast, Sean and Steve preview the women's Championship Weekend! It is clear Steve knows his stuff.

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Week II with Perry and Wolf and a look at the past weeks racing and the upcoming week!  

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Here is an RI  podcast focused on collegiate rowing, a recap of last weeks mens and women's races and a preview of this weekend. We do our best to cover Men , Women and light women's races. If this works we may do this every two week thru the collegiate season.

My partner in crime for this was none other than Steve Perry.

It is meant to put a good spin on the sport. Think of it like PTI etc. If it goes really well we will push to the iTunes library for the next one.

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An RI Podcast with Olympian Felice Mueller, we talk Olympics, future and racing John Graves 

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An Ri podcast featuring " fatsculler" , his thoughts on USA Rowing, GB Rowing , The Boat Race and more!!  

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An interview with John Graves, an eye on the future for rowing and in business with Rowing Ventures LLC.  

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A controversial interview with former USA National Team coxswain and bronze medalist Jack Carlson. His view on the system.  

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