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Another great interview with Andrew Campbell fresh off his Olympic trails win in the light 2x , a race breakdown, onto Lucerne, RIO and Red Bull High Stakes 

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A great podcast with Nich on Columbia training, the ins and out of living in NYC, Fashion Week and margaritas!!!   Reception gets fussy at one point so please forgive us.  

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A chat with NFL player, Cross Fit competitor , ERG score and 100k A DAY ROWING ! The ideal rower ??  

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A conversation with Yale Hw Coach Steve Gladstone. 

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RI podcast with Olympic Gold Medalist Pete Cipollone taking the Elliot turn and InstaViser , a new coaching platform.  

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A interview with US Rowing High Performance Director Curtis Jordan and the State of US Rowing going into 2016 .  

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A chat w/ fan favorite Andrew Campbell of the USA Light 2x, we talk Red Bull, WC II, training , qualifying, racing at Worlds & Rio 

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A conversation with Bryan Volpenhein, discussing World Cup Racing, lightweights , the mens's 4 and the GB 4 

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USA Women's Head Coach Tom Terhaar takes time from his training trip at Dartmouth to talk Lucerne , selection, men's prgrams and more.  

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A great conversation with WISCO Men's Head Coach Chris Clark.  We talk rowing and recruiting 

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