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Clark Dean and Wolf discuss 2020 training ,  Head of the Charles , a quick look a beyond the 2020 Olympics and the question of the single.  

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Christine Cavallo and Rowingwolf7 Podcast , Playing catch-up with Christine Cavallo of the USA Lightweight Women's 2x .  An eye towards 2020 , training, Mexico and life in Boston. 

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Andrew Campbell retires from elite rowing, sharing his training program, favorite races over the years and more. 

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A interview with author Dan Boyne on his newest release " The Seven Seat " , a true story of rowing, revenge, redemption and a few other shenanigans. 

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A conversation with Marina Muffelman of "WhereBoatsGo" and how Yoga can benefit your rowing and life overall.  

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Perry and RowingWolf preview the NCAA & IRA Championship Regattas.  Who  are the podium finishers?  Who is going to get the job done and bring home the titles.  

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An in depth conversation with Texas Women's Head Coach Dave O"Neill , discussing NCAA selection , favorites for the title, the process , team title recruitment and more  HOOK EM

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Perry and Rowingwolf discuss Championship Week in women' and men's college rowing.  Sprints, ACC, BIG 12 , AACC and more 

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Perry & RowingWolf College Catch Up, A brief conversation before next weeks Championship Weekend Podcast and Racing.  Women's Sprints,  Dad Vails ,  EARC Racing 

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The college racing podcast is back! Previews and Picks fo this weeks upcoming racing.  

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An excellent conversation with Columbia Lightweight Coach Nich Lee Parker. We discuss being out, speed of lightweight crews this season, NZ technique, hanging out with Robbie Manson, white or yellow boats and supporting The Trevor Project

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A RowingWolf podcast with Tom Terhaar USA Women's Head Coach. Tom gives us insight into a qualification year for the Olympics, athletes returning into the camp, change in Olympic format possibilities, lightweights and sculling 

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A RowingWolf podcast with Bill Manning, Lightweight Asst. Mens Coach.  We discuss future of lightweight rowing, U-23 lightweight camp, top programs for 2019, difference of open weight and lightweight programs, Men to NCAA format and more. 

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A Rowingwolf podcast with Wesley Ng,  University of Pennsylvania's Head Coach for Women's Rowing.  Discussing the upcoming year in women's rowing, the Ivy league making a team run at the NCAAA title and more. 

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A RowingWolf7 podcast with Carlos Dinares discussing change in Olympic distances, technique, who rows well and of course UW or Yale?

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A Rowingwolf7 podcast with Olympic Bronze Medalist, NU alum and Maritime coach Dan Walsh. We discuss his rowing career, influences, words of advice from Mike Teti, coaching life and more

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A podcast with Ben Davison discussing his Head of the Charles win, selection via the single , who is faster Dean , Davison or Graves. 

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An interview with 2012 Sliver medalist of the Canadian mens eight and author of The 4 Year Olympian.  Hear about training under Mike Spracklen, the last 300 meters of the 2012 Olympics mens final and being a parent while training.  



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Clark Dean, two time world junior champion in the men's single talks about his repeat and more 

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Andrew Campbell ( USA light mens single 2018) is back to discuss his time off, plans for the future , lifting, diet /cheat meals and moving forward to 2020. 

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Fatsculler and Wolf bring you a quick Henley preview on the eve before racing! Men's and women's events as well as Ladies plate picks 

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Perry and Wolf preview the 2018 IRA and make a few picks 

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Perry and Wolf mix it up over this weeks NCAA Women's Championships and yes we have upsets! 

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Its Championship week and Perry and Wolf discuss Eastern Sprints, Women's Champ Weekend and Pac 12 !  

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We are back at it with a quick recap of last week and the upcoming week in college racing with Steve Perry

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RI College Podcast Week II Perry and Wolf discuss the upsets of last week. The polls that are not rewarding wins .  Picks and more 

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Perry and Wolf are back sharing their intel ( and picks ) on the college racing scene. We review the women, men and lightweight men for the upcoming weekend of April 7.

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RI Podcast with Brown's Varsity Mens Coach discussing 9 straight IRA finals, having the hardest schedule and expectations for the 2018 season 

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An RI Podcast Christine Cavallo. We talk 2k WR, rowing at Stanford, National Titles, lightweight rowing and more 

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A brief chat with silver medalist from the 2018 Men's 8. Moving to California , racing the pair and its ups and down, Super Bowl and racing Rummel in the 1x at NSRs this year 

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A podcast with World Champion in the mens junior single, Clark Dean. We chat winning, Boston, Harvard & Brady , training, and Mahe vs. Manson.  

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A podcast with Henrik Rummel, medal winner in about EVERYTHING! JRs , u-23 , Worlds and Olympics.  Patriots Fan

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Championship Weekend for the Men, RI Podcast.  

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RI Podcast, Sean and Steve preview the women's Championship Weekend! It is clear Steve knows his stuff.

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Week II with Perry and Wolf and a look at the past weeks racing and the upcoming week!  

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Here is an RI  podcast focused on collegiate rowing, a recap of last weeks mens and women's races and a preview of this weekend. We do our best to cover Men , Women and light women's races. If this works we may do this every two week thru the collegiate season.

My partner in crime for this was none other than Steve Perry.

It is meant to put a good spin on the sport. Think of it like PTI etc. If it goes really well we will push to the iTunes library for the next one.

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An RI Podcast with Olympian Felice Mueller, we talk Olympics, future and racing John Graves 

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An Ri podcast featuring " fatsculler" , his thoughts on USA Rowing, GB Rowing , The Boat Race and more!!  

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An interview with John Graves, an eye on the future for rowing and in business with Rowing Ventures LLC.  

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A controversial interview with former USA National Team coxswain and bronze medalist Jack Carlson. His view on the system.  

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A quick interview with Silver Medalist Gevvie Stone.  Olympic final, Charles " Eights" and more 

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A great podcast with members of the USA women's Olympic 8.  We talk the Games, marrying Cal rowers, depth of the team and more.  

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Another great interview with Andrew Campbell fresh off his Olympic trails win in the light 2x , a race breakdown, onto Lucerne, RIO and Red Bull High Stakes 

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A great podcast with Nich on Columbia training, the ins and out of living in NYC, Fashion Week and margaritas!!!   Reception gets fussy at one point so please forgive us.  

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A chat with NFL player, Cross Fit competitor , ERG score and 100k A DAY ROWING ! The ideal rower ??  

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A conversation with Yale Hw Coach Steve Gladstone. 

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RI podcast with Olympic Gold Medalist Pete Cipollone taking the Elliot turn and InstaViser , a new coaching platform.  

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A interview with US Rowing High Performance Director Curtis Jordan and the State of US Rowing going into 2016 .  

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A chat w/ fan favorite Andrew Campbell of the USA Light 2x, we talk Red Bull, WC II, training , qualifying, racing at Worlds & Rio 

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A conversation with Bryan Volpenhein, discussing World Cup Racing, lightweights , the mens's 4 and the GB 4 

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USA Women's Head Coach Tom Terhaar takes time from his training trip at Dartmouth to talk Lucerne , selection, men's prgrams and more.  

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A great conversation with WISCO Men's Head Coach Chris Clark.  We talk rowing and recruiting 

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Chatting with Mary Whipple about What Works , tips for CRASH B's , clinics and the USA Women 

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Wolf and Luke McGee have their annual talk , qualifying year,  Boston Olympics & Super Bowl picks 

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RI Podcast with 2x Gold Medalist Susan Francia, life without rowing and the next steps. Then again the door is open still  

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A podcast with Pete on the NRF at the Charles and how to take the Weeks turn!  

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A quick podcast with IRL fellow , asst from BU and currently with the Princeton Lights Alex Mann on coaching. Holding technique, pre-race rituals and not choking.  

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We catch up with Kate Bertko as she arrives back in the States, standing tall with a bronze medal from Worlds.  Tough as nails to go thru abdomina surgery and get a medal.  

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Another great interview with newly appointed Dartmouth Head Coach Linda Muri, we discuss how she is doing , her coaching at Worlds and her past at Harvard 

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A quick chat with the the usa light mens doubles after breakfast.  Talk of racing, who is entered and a little fun with their coach 

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Fan favorite Andrew Campbell is back, chats about last season with Harvard, U-23's and Worlds this year and onto Rio 

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An RI chat with Jack Carlson , coxswain of the womens "Super Eight " at the Charles and author of Rowing Blazers. A beautifully presented, well-written book , which includes a surprising variety of clubs from across the world. Rowing Blazers is a perfect gift for any rower. A must have!

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A quick interview with Gevie after NSR1, Speed, beauty & brains!  

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A brief discussion with Andrea Sobieraj (MS) on the  procedures and benefits of VO2 testing  


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Wolf chats with Northeastern University coach John Pojednic on the upcoming season , last years IRA's and the Huskies ( Mad Dogs) of Huntington Ave 

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Dr. Maria Urso, a U.S. Army Major and presidential award-winning researcher, and Wolf discuss Atheltes and the use of Anti-inflammatories during recovery 

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A great interview with Shivs on her new book "The Longest Odds" , An intimate photo-documentary  of the US Olympic rowing team, spanning from 2006-2012, and offering a rare glimpse into the true Olympic team experience

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As we head into the 10 year anniversary of the 04 USA Men's eight , we sit with Pete Cipollone and get the coxswain perspective of the race. 

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A candid interview with Luke McGee , Goals for the USA Mens this year , talk of the mens finals in Korea , ERG times/ standards , evenn lightweights 

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 A great interview with rowing god Matthew Pinsent , we discuss the Head of the Charles , USA vs GB, NZ pair and the USA women's eight.  

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We have a quick interview with author Dan Boyne ( and my dog Mike,sorry) on his movie option of Kelly : A Father, a Son , an American Quest . Topics of his favorite rowing movies,( the good and the ugly)  how to get the book , where the movie will be filmed etc. Join  

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A quick re-cap of the East Coast Speed order and future plans with the members of the Craftsbury Green Racing Project 

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A quick chat with Sean in regards to the turns of the Charles course.  Get the real deal with a little bit of fun.  

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Get the 411 on what is going on in the Charles office today , what is coming up in the upcoming weeks ,and Mahe racing a Mini .  

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Recovering from an injury is never eay for anyone, Max Goff is well on his way to recovery after suffering from a blood clot around the time of elite nationals.  Max is back after surgery and having a rib removed.  Learn about this Wisconscion natives "injury" athe recovery and how he is back to to training for the US National team. 

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We were able to grab Tom Peszek for a few minutes for a few questions on the USA Men's eight , Lucerne, and Worlds 

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A spot interview with the always jovial Dorian Weber of the USA light mens eight. The only Para Olympic athlete to move on to the USA Senior Team  

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This week we bring back Andrew Johnson.  Andrew is currently on his way to Korea to compete in the LTA four.  He is always a great interview 

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A quick phone call with the USA lightweight men's double before they head out to Korea , sorry for all the distrurbance in the back.  I had a lot going on all at once.  

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Today we sit down with the 4 seat of the 2013 USA womens eight. Fresh off a record time in Lucerne, we talk racing , erging, beating me.and life.  

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A brief interview with author Ron Irwin on his novel Flat Water Tuesday.  Also hear Ron's thoughts about boarding school rowing and the trasistion to Ivy league rowing .  

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A solid interview with Andrew Campbell , USA u-23 lightweight singlesculler . He gives the 411 on whats up for the summer 

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A summer read for rowers , The Boys in the Boat ,  a fun interview with Daniel James Brown, a robust book tells the story of the University of Washington’s 1936 eight-oar crew and their epic quest for an Olympic gold medal, 

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A great interview with US Women's National Team Head Coach Tom Terhaar 

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A candid interview with mens 1x NSR winner John Graves , life and training at Craftbury and his rowing family. 

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Listen to one of the most entertaining coxswains we know. Steering tips for a 2k course, just for coxswains.  

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Mark Hunter 

Life after the Games, the 49's , the Olympics and going forward  


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